Plant a tree

We are aware...

Our planet deserves better...we can all contribute to that's why next to using recovery materials, Soulgoodiez wants to go further…for every wood goodie we ship, we plant a tree in Bolivia…therefore we are connected to “Trees for all” a Dutch organisation which has several tree plant projects.

So if you order a Soulgoodie, you actually plant a tree in Bolivia or Uganda. You receive a "Trees for all" certificate. So this way we facilitate the development of forests or sunstainable energy. These projects also provide additional income for the local population and provide for the recovery of nature and the environment. harmony with nature...


A Soulgoodie is different...not only because it's a goodie with a soul but also because it's made by hands of environmental engaged people...we select the best natural materials and we look for beautiful wood structures to assure an absolute unique goodie...A soulgoodie is made the "artisanale" way but has the looks of a design object. The main ingredient of our soulgoodiez is love...and you can feel that...

We have a big heart for nature so we try if possible to implement recycled or recovery materials in our process of creating new Soulgoodiez. It's nice to see how materials as leather from old shoes, belts, denim, ... perfectly melt into a new creation. It's a challenging search of how we could use in the future even more preloved textiles or even second hand plastic to create new lovely goodies...soul included...

We recently upgradet our textiles by using Biocoton and recycled polyester (Hoodies, Beanies, Tshirts)  and select environmental friendly companies to collaborate with.

Goodiez with a soul

Some people want more in life, and they like to be surrounded by special people, visit special places and like unique objects...

We create goodies that vibrate skate & surf vibes and we bring them alive by giving them a soul.

This can be for example real sand of Laguna beach that we enclose in a longboard or another typical fruit or material collected from another beautiful PLACE on earth...we collect the souls when we're out on a little trip, or we receive them from traveling friends or people we are connected with.

We also get inspired by nature and use some NATURE pattern like the bark of a tree to laser on Longboards.

And what is more unique than bringing the Soul of an ARTIST in a Longboard by lasering his/her work alover the Board.

Soulgoodiez are Goodies with a Soul, made with passion by Soulpeople.


Cneut Thomas
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