Hi there, people call me Thomas... the belgian boy…

I’m a dreamer... a naturelover and i love to discover...

Love to be surrounded by little Nina & Oliver.

Deeply absorbed by skate & surf vibez.

Please invite me to your cities, festivals or beaches...

i'm attracted by unique stuff ... so started designing handcrafted Soulful Goodies vibrating skate & surf vibes. 

So happy to meet creative soulpeople that help me in this passionate journey!

The time has come for the good souls to come out and play.  Join the Soultribe now !


Hey! I'm Jennifer Elizabeth, founder + chief curator of

Thomas and I connected in LA (my hometown) a few years back. We decided to collaborate on creating a longboard with the soul of the earth inside and the Soulgoodiez Laguna Beach board was born.

I collected the soul of Laguna Beach and helped with the design, Thomas created the board and you ride it ! Enjoy !


Im Portuguese surfer girl living by the sea in Peniche, Portugal. Since 2013 im developing some illustration work inspired in my simple life by the Ocean, and what it represents for me. I see surf as a way for the spiritual and self improvement, and the Ocean my great master.

The ocean teaches me, and what I draw is a consequence of what I learned from it.

Drawing is my way of sharing my truths. 

I like to call my art “Soul & Surf” illustration. A mix of Bohemian inspirations, ethnical colors and patterns, mandalas, american indian representations, feathers, birds, eyes, geometric figures, retro surf iconography and the classic surf movements are my main representations.

Thomas uses my drawings to laser them over his handmade longboards.  We call them Artboards.  Unique longboards hostet with the soul of an artist.

I hope you enjoy it.

Love* Lizzy


Hey there! My name is Luz Daniela and I am a 22-year-old fashion designer with two passions: Art and skateboarding. 

My art, which is always very personal and positive, is a reflection of who I am and conveys my thoughts in the most honest way. Through designs representing the vulva and the fallopian tubes, I express my feminist views. By evoking these female body parts, I wish to glorify the female body and show its beauty as much as to banalize it to break the heavy taboos that circulate around it. As for skateboarding, it has always allowed me to empty my mind and relieve me of all the bad energies.

Art and skateboarding are my everyday outlets: a way to release my most negative emotions and transform them into positive vibes of creation or skating. Since Soulgoodiez creates surfskates with a Soul, this was the perfect opportunity for me to reunite my two passions.

I made custom graphics for the brandnew “Raka and Kisma“ (Quechua for Vulva and Uterus) boards and we are very excited to present them to you. Art and skateboarding allow me to feel as free as possible, so I hope that riding these new boards makes you feel this too.

Cneut Thomas
+32 486 713 124
BTW 0896 657310